Claw Vacuum Pumps

Air Energy Ltd are authorised distributors for a variety of companies within the compressed air and vacuum industry. Our network offers us access to a wide range of products we can offer, including Claw Vacuum Pumps and Compressors.

Air Energy can offer various Elmo Rietschle Claw Vacuum Pumps and Compressors. The C-Series generate contact-free and dry vacuum or compressed air. The C-Series are more energy efficient in comparison to the traditional rotary lobe blower designs which do not boast the internal compression. This internal compression offers high differential pressures at efficiencies of more than 60%.

As well as the more common C-Series applications, we can also offer Elmo Rietschle Claw Pumps designed to be suitable for explosive environments, with a reduced leakage design. There is also a range of ATEX compliant vacuum pumps and compressors available.

About the C-Series

The C-Series pumps offer an optimized, high precision shape, contact-free processing and are synchronized by a precision gear set. The claw pump consists of two rotors which turn in opposite directions within the compressor housing and control the transportation of the medium by opening and closing the inlet and outlet channels. Fulfilling very tight clearances, no sealing fluid within the compression chamber is needed. As the claw moves over the suction connection and the axial suction channel inlet the gas is sucked into the compression chamber. When the rotors revolve, the gas moves from the suction side to the pressure side. It is then compressed by the reduction of the volume between the rotors until the lower rotor uncovers the discharge channel. After this process, the pre-compressed gas is discharged via a pressure connection. The heat generated by the compression process is removed when cooling air is sucked in between the compression housing and a silencing cover before it is expelled from the pump.


Claw vacuum pumps and compressors can accommodate for a variety of applications; Food and Beverage, Ceramic, Woodworking and various others.

Dry running machines are crucial within the Food and Beverage industry to avoid any contamination to the products which will later be ingested by our customers consumer. Claw pumps can be used in Milking Systems; they can be used to attach onto the udder and hold the weight of the milking machinery to the teat. They are a safer solution for this application because they use no oil and often, the same level of Vacuum and Flow can be created with half the energy input.

C-series pumps can also be used for air removal from clay. A vacuum pump provides a beneficial tool in removing air from brick laying clay. This prevents the formation of air pockets which could lead to a breakage of bricks when they are laid.

Woodworking can use vacuum pumps and compressors to offer a stable and constant vacuum to ensure work pieces are held securely in place during mechanical processing. This ensures safe processing as work pieces are automatically clamped to the processing tables using suction heads.
Air Energy can offer a wide range of Elmo Rietschle C-series pumps. If you think this could be a beneficial solution for your requirement, please contact us and we can assist you accordingly.

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