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26 Nov 2021 Air Energy

At Air Energy, we pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. It is always something we have prioritised and it has formed part of our customer retention strategy. We value our customers and take pride in our work but don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our customer reviews!

Did you know we are ISO9001 accredited? We maintain our quality management system with the utmost importance, focusing on continuous improvement and offering a positive customer experience. What our customers think of us, truly matters to everyone within our team.

Our Business Development Executive, Elizabeth Jones heads up Quality Management for Air Energy Limited, she answers some key questions surrounding collating customer feedback.


“A great company to deal with. Very neat and tidy. All work carried out was explained in detail. Will use again!”

“We have been using air energy for a few years now, so when our dryer packed up, I was straight on the phone to Mark and Grant to see availability of a new one. They recommended a new type of dryer and could have it delivered the next day. True to their words, it was there the next day and fully installed within the week. It’s been running very well ever since.”

“Good service and kept me up to date on the delivery of my purchase. Second time I have dealt with this company and very happy with them.”

Why collect customer feedback?

Not only does feedback highlight any areas for improvement but also allows you to acknowledge the areas where you are excelling, and give feedback to team members accordingly. I think something which is key for people to remember, is to not only report back feedback for improvement to your team but also positive feedback they have earnt. It feels great for you as the quality manager but also works wonders for staff morale. Everyone loves to hear when they are doing a good job and credit should be given where credit is due!

Testimonials! Great reviews are a way for your prospect and existing customers to see that it is worth working with you. The world we live in today makes it easier for people to research a business before using them. Chances are, a prospect won’t just take your word for it that your great and will offer them excellent service, use your glowing reviews to back it up. Positive reviews can offer content for social media platforms where it is easy for people to see this information, if you receive a great review, post about it.

How should I process customer feedback?

Collecting customer feedback is great but only if you are prepared to action it. If you receive a glowing review, be sure to give everyone involved a well done you. Showing recognition to your team for great work truly goes a long way. There may be times when you don’t receive great feedback. I have learnt throughout my customer service experience that if ever the company receives negative feedback, a phone call goes a long way.

Someone once told me that it takes an average of twelve positive experiences for a customer to overcome one unresolved negative experience with a business, that phone call could be your first of twelve. Something which I find helpful is also keeping track of how many feedback forms we send and how many are completed, this can be insightful as to how effective your strategy is for gathering customer feedback. If your response rate is low, it may be time to think about a new method for collecting feedback.

What does customer feedback involve?

Customer feedback gives your customers an opportunity to highlight the areas that the business is succeeding in and those where you could develop further. You can collate data in a format which is easy to analyse with a 0-10 score system etc or with more open questions that gives a customer room to explain their comments in further detail. At Air Energy Limited, we adopt both approaches when collating feedback so we can collect as much information as possible on the success of a customer’s experience, using statistics and detailed comments.

Is it true people only give feedback if they have a complaint?

Throughout assisting with quality management and discussing it with people both within our industry and others, I have found there can be a stigma surrounding collecting feedback, that it is a negative activity because only the cons and areas for improvement will be reported. Honestly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

There are times when we receive feedback for improvement, but this isn’t a negative, rather an opportunity. It is an opportunity to develop and become even better! More often than not, Air Energy receives glowing reviews, often for our service, knowledge and turnaround times. If you are offering an exceptional service, your customers will let you know about it!

If you haven’t realised by now, Air Energy not only provides great customer service, we like to hear about it as well. Using this has a morale booster, a marketing tool, a lead for new business and confirmation that we are doing a fantastic job is an added bonus.

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