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CompAir’s extensive product range of Oil-injected rotary screw compressors incorporate the very latest technological advances and manufacturing processes to provide you with a continuous supply of economic and reliable high quality compressed air.

All Compair compressors are designed with a CompAir manufactured, high output compression element with slow rotational speed to reduced energy usage and increase reliability.

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Assure – one of the most generous warranties for compressors in the industry

The CompAir Assure Warranty and Service programs will assure you up to 44,000 hours/6 years) peace of mind, and is one of the most generous warranties available in the industry.

  • The Assure warranty is totally free to the compressor owner
  • Air Energy, as the CompAir authorised service provider, will deliver a guaranteed quality of service
  • An Assure service agreement underpinning the warranty will enable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership
  • The use of genuine CompAir parts and lubricants will maximise compressor life and efficiency
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Efficiency, reliability, economy and quality without compromise

All rotary screw compressors can be sized to suit the required output, and can be driven by either a fixed speed drive motor or our variable speed drive system.

The volume flow can be precisely controlled to meet your continually changing demands. This ensures that you use only the energy required to do the job and no more. Making these air compressors from Compair high in energy efficiency.

The L – RS and VS series of rotary screw compair compressor incorporates a variable speed drive system of outstanding efficiency. This type of Compair air compressor offers the ability to precisely match power consumption with air demand. Maximum efficiency at any level of demand cuts energy costs and saves money.

This is achieved by varying the speed of the drive motor with exceptional levels of efficiency. We also carry oil free models. At AirEnergy, we have a wide range of compair compressors for sale and cater for all of your compressed air needs, whether you require portable compressors, a complete compressed air system or any other compressed air solutions.

*The CompAir brand is owned by Gardner Denver

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Air Energy offers the full range of CompAir L Series Compressors. You can download the product brochures below.

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