Laservac Smoke Evacuation Systems

Laservac 750 is a portable, smoke evacuation unit that is designed for safe removal of hazardous particulates from smoke plume. This smoke is often generated by electrosurgery units, lasers, harmonic scalpels and cold plasma devices.

There are many potential risks associated with surgical smoke, it is important to prioritise smoke evacuation when applicable. The primary risk of surgical smoke plume is inhalation, as surgical smoke poses significant risk as a respiratory tract irritant and mutagen, and as a vector for infectious particles- Smoke plume is made up of both non-infectious and infectious particulate matter. Some potential hazards from smoke plume inhalation: eye irritation, sneezing, Colic, Dermatitis, Leukaemia, Hepatitis, and Neisseria, as well as others.

For a full guide on maintaining your Laservac 750, please contact Air Energy Ltd. Some maintenance information includes; changing the primary filter after each use and the secondary filter at least every 6 months.

For prices on Laservac consumables, please contact Air Energy Ltd for a quotation.

There are various different industries and applications a smoke evacuator can be used for, such as; paediatric hospitals, dentistry clinics, skin clinics, vets, dermatology, beauty clinics and eye surgery. Please contact us for further information on how a Laservac unit could benefit you.

Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Side Channel Blowers operate by sucking in air/gas through the inlet channel, which then enters the machine. The rotation of the impellers gives momentum to the air/gas in the direction of rotation. Centrifugal force in the impeller blades accelerate the air/gas outwards, increasing its pressure. Kinetic energy is displaced with every rotation of the impellers. The Pump narrows at the rotor, sweeping air/gas off the impeller blades and expelling it through the outlet silencer where it exits the blower.

The Vacuum pump which is best for you is dependent on your application and requirements. There are a large variety of pumps available which can be used for Vacuum, including but not limited to; Side Channel Blowers, Claw Pumps, Rotary Vanes etc.

There are a number of potential reasons why a vacuum pump may not be working or operating accordingly. If you are experiencing issues with your equipment, please contact Air Energy Ltd and we can fault find accordingly to identify a solution for you.

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