Hydrovane Compressors

Hydrovane has manufactured over 850,000 compressors to date and they can be found throughout all sectors of industry, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow. In fact they are the perfect solution to meet your requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas. Shop our product range of Hydrovane Compressors.

Hydrovane’s principle global manufacturing and distribution centre is based at Redditch in the UK. The Hydrovane management system conforms to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring the manufacture of first class rotary vane air compressors by Gardner Denver.

Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors – reliable, versatile, powerful, and cost effective

Hydrovane compressors can be found throughout all sectors of industry, including automotive, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing (engineering, woodworking and processing industries) to name but a few, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow. In fact they are the perfect business solution to meet your requirements for reliable, quality compressed air or gas.

The low noise levels of the Hydrovane compressor means that they can be installed right alongside your equipment. Models of hydrovane rotary vane compressors are available in either an open format or fitted with enclosure panels that further reduce noise.

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The Hydrovane Advantages


  • Direct drive and simple design
    No gears. No belts. Up to 100,000+ operating hours due to its simple integral design.
  • High quality air
    Clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet means less downstream equipment required.
  • Slow speed
    1450 rpm speed operation results in low noise, low stresses and long life.
  • Common replacement parts
    Quick, cost-effective servicing, with minimal downtime.


  • Quiet as standard
    With noise levels as low as 62 dB(A) a Hydrovane can be located at the point of use.
  • Air Intake modulation control
    No wasteful overproduction of air.
  • Open and enclosed format packages and air end options
    Power ranges 1.1 kW to 75 kW available.

Powerful and Cost Effective

  • Regulated speed
    Proven, simple and long-lasting technology solutions delivering up to 50% energy savings.
  • Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS)
    Reducing off-load power to as low as 20%.
  • Hydrovane Pro Controller
    For total electronic control, greater connectivity and flexibility.
  • Market leading warranty
    Up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours is available for total peace of mind.

Assure – one of the most generous warranties of the industry

The Hydrovane Advance 10 extended warranty programme is a unique market leading compressor care package designed to deliver comprehensive warranty cover for up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours* on all Hydrovane compressor airends**.

  • The Advance warranty is totally free to the compressor owner***
  • A Hydrovane authorised service provider will deliver a guaranteed quality of service
  • As aAdvanced service agreement underpinning the warranty willenable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership
  • The use of genuine Hydrovane service kits, parts and lubricants will maximise compressor life and efficiency.

* Whichever comes first.

** Excluding gas compressors, HV04RM and non-standard product.

*** See Hydrovane Advance 10 brochure for more details.

Hydrovane rotary vane compressors are manufactured by Gardner Denver in Redditch, England.

Air Energy offers the full range of Hydrovane Compressors for sale. You can download the product brochures below.

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