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We are a leading supplier of compressed air and vacuum solutions and stock a wide range of air compressors from some of the leading manufacturers including CompAir, Hydrovane, Champion, Reavell and Boge.  We choose to partner with and stock these leading brands due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

With many different compressed air technologies available, out knowledgeable team can help match the right compressor for your application’s exact requirements.

Air Energy not only supply the compressors but can also install complete compressed air systems, provide their ongoing maintenance, and ensure that your compressor meets the current pressure system regulations.

Lubricated Screw Compressors

Lubricated rotary screw compressors are an excellent energy efficient choice and are used across a huge variety of applications across the world. Lubricated screw compressors are available in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest 2kW compressor that may be used in a garage or workshop, to the largest 250kW models that can power factory production lines. They can also come as a variable speed model, which allows the compressor to automatically adjust its motor speed to meet the air demand.

There are significant benefits to a lubricated screw compressor:

  • Energy efficient: screw compressors generate less heat compared to other technologies.
  • Reduced maintenance: no pistons, rings or rods that require regular servicing leave the screw compressor as a very low maintenance choice.
  • Low noise and low vibration: due to their small size and fewer moving parts.
  • No duty cycle: can deliver continuous air supply with no negative impact to the compressor.
Air Compressors - CompAir

Rotary Vane Compressors

The Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are a reliable, versatile, powerful and cost effective solution that is widely used across many industries, with over three quarters of a million sold worldwide.

The Hydrovane range comes in both open and enclosed formats, or you can choose the air solution option with added dryer and air receiver. Most models are available in fixed or regulated speed, making sure that air demand is matched with your business needs.

There are many benefits to choosing a Hydrovane rotary vane compressor:

  • Simple vane compressor technology with few moving parts, requiring very little maintenance
  • Reliable, powerful, cost effective performance
  • Noise levels as low as 62 dB
  • Comprehensive Advance 10 extended warranty (for enclosed models HV05 upwards) giving cover for 10 years or 48,000 operating hours.
Air Compressors - Hydrovane

Oil Free Air Compressors

For some applications, air purity is vital, where even the smallest drop of oil could damage equipment or spoil the end product. We are pleased to offer a number of different oil-free compressor technologies from Gardner Denver, giving us the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Depending on your application you may need either an oil-free compressor that has no oil present in the compression chamber, or an oil-less compressor that contains no oil in the entire system leaving you with absolutely no risk of oil contaminating the air.

Benefits of oil-free air compressors:

  • Built to last, robust and with simple construction leaving them easy to maintain
  •  Energy efficient and cost-effective
  • PureAir oil-less compressors are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified, guaranteeing you 100% clean, pure, dry, oil-free air
  • Specific oil-free applications for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic, healthcare and power generation.

DH Series Oil-free Rotary Screw Compressors

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High Pressure Air Compressors

Reavell high pressure piston air compressors have been at the front of compressed air technology for over a century and are used over a range of industries and applications, from simple compressors to complex custom-engineered solutions.

Reavell offer a wide choice of water and air cooled high pressure compressors up to 400 bar, and all compressors can be provided with extra or modifies equipment to make sure they fit your system as efficiently as possible, allowing you to develop a solution that is unique to your company.

There are many benefits of choosing a Reavell high pressure air compressor:

  • Highest flow rate possible from the most compact equipment (against competitors’ products)
  • Easily accessible components meaning minimal downtime during servicing and maintenance
  • Proven reliability from years of supply to critical industrial applications
  • Custom built bespoke solutions, tailored to your specifications

We understand that your application may be unique with challenges and requirements specific to your business, and we look forward to tailoring a solution unique to your needs.

Air Compressors - Reavell

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