Side Channel Blowers

23 Jun 2021 Air Energy

Our network offers us access to a wide range of products, including Vacuum Pumps and Compressors. The Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blowers operating principle is to be suitable for both vacuum and pressure applications.

How does a Side Channel Blower work?

Side Channel Blowers operate by sucking air/gas into the machine through the inlet channel. The rotation of the impellers gives momentum to the air/gas in the direction of rotation. Centrifugal force in the impeller blades accelerate the air/gas outwards, increasing its pressure. Kinetic energy is displaced with every rotation of the impellers. The Pump narrows at the rotor, sweeping air off the impeller blades and expelling it through the outlet silencer where it exits the blower.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Robust to dust ingestion
  • Offer low noise level operation
  • ATEX versions available
  • The impellers within the Elmo Rietschle G-series are designed for contact free compression, to offer maximum operational reliability.
  • Side Channel Blowers can be supplied in a wide range of sizes.
  • The pumps can also be offered with a large range of different flow rates, motors and performance capabilities.
  • Easily controlled air flow via a frequency converter are available.
  • Require limited down time so can offer increased efficiency.
  • An extensive range of Side Channel Blowers are available


Air Energy also offer accessories and aftermarket parts to maintain the SCB pumps. We recommend relief valves are purchased when buying SCB’s; they help prevent excess back pressure. We can offer impeller blades, filters and other parts for the various pressures and vacuum. For further part and accessory information, please contact our team; we are can advise on your selection.

Industries Served

Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers are ideal for point of use applications and offer contact-less operation. They cover many demanding applications; Woodworking, Medical & Dental Care, Electronic, Packaging, Food & Beverage, Environmental and Aquatic. There are multiple other sectors they can be used for and this is only a small sample of their capabilities.

For more details, click here to be directed to the Elmo Rietschle page. This will offer you an optimum browsing experience for industry information.


Side Channel Blowers are used in Woodworking for different processes; vacuum hold down on CNC machines and dust collecting for safe disposal. Hold down is important safe processing; material is held in place while routers cut out shapes with efficiency and accuracy. In-line filters are installed within the pump to protect it’s integrity when used for dust collecting processes and those similar.


Side Channel Blowers are a great piece of equipment for Aeration of H2O in Aquatics. Oxygen levels can be greatly increased, substantial oxygen is essential to maintaining health of aquatic life.


Health in Aquatics also offers benefits to the Food industry. For example, sufficient oxygen levels within a pond/ tank can increase the number of fish it can accommodate; this can greatly benefit the Fish and Prawn supply industry. Adequate aeration also allows the fish to grow and multiply more rapidly which in turn significantly increases business assets.

Medical Care

The Medical sector utilise SCB Pumps for both of its potential features. Air beds offer comfort for bed-ridden patients. A Blower can be used to assist with inflation of the beds to help prevent discomfort or bedsores. The change to the air within them can also help position patients suitably and comfortably to receive treatment and care.


Many industries reap the benefits of Side Channel Blowers in Packaging. Vac-packed items use less space for transport and storage. Suction of air from Packaging ensures a smaller surface area is used by items when Packing. Less space being required means maximum capacity is used when transporting goods; this ensures packaging is done in the most cost-effective way possible.


Contact Us

This Technology is crucial for many industries and Side Channel Blowers are an incredible piece of machinery to utilise; as a compressor or vacuum blower. Please contact us for all enquiries, we are an authorised UK distributor for Elmo Rietschle and our team have a vast amount of experience to assist you. We can supply to both UK and export customers. We offer Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blowers, a collection of their other products and have access to multiple other brands within the industry.

Our office number is 01992 586 666.

Alternatively, please click here to submit an enquiry.

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